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About me


I have dedicated my life
to health & fitness!

As a certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Business Consultant (since 1984) and registered Yoga Teacher (since 2012) I was often frustrated by my limitations in helping my clients reach their health & financial goals. I can train ya all day long…. but if your nutrition is off….. 

Then, life happened to me (as it does many of us).

I gained 40 uncomfortable pounds myself while I was studying to pass my security license exams. I passed with flying colors but at a big price…  I was happily starting a new career but, I was miserable!! 

What a great experience for me to have!!! 

In 2012, I got super sick of being uncomfortable! I released that uncomfortable unwanted weight, donated my “fat jeans” to the Goodwill, became a certified Health Coach through Villanove University and recommitted to helping others.

With more than 3 decades in the Health & Fitness Industry & Business, I still love to lift up others up and encourage people to release themselves from physical and financial pain. 

Please JOIN ME and my team in this journey and let’s all Choose Healthy Change together!! 

#TheTimeisNOW #ChooseJOY

Michelle Micalizzi